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Our Therapists: About Me
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First & foremost, I believe in the self-determination of the valued client! As an LCSW I am committed to listening to your concerns, understanding & assessing them & finally offering therapeutic tools to empower you toward managing difficult problems or situations in life—be they emotional, physical, relational, or spiritual. I am my client’s strongest advocate!

I’m Carole Pruett, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Marriage & Family Therapist who has practiced in Shreveport, La since 1986. My practice has evolved toward serving adults from 18 to senior citizens. With training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) & Family Systems Therapy, I am fully-certified in EMDR, an evidence-based technique which is highly effective with all types of trauma. Trauma is best defined by you, the client, telling your own story! Often we are not aware of situations, experiences, or relationships that have wounded us & shifted our thoughts, moods, & behaviors. Traumas impact us physically. emotionally, socially & spiritually. Healing from trauma is critical for true personal growth & enhanced self esteem!

My individual & family therapy services are covered by most insurance companies including Medicare.



  • Years in Practice: 34 Years

  • School: Louisiana State University

  • Year Graduated: 1986

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Welcome to my practice. I work with children ages 4 years old and up, adults, families and couples. I work with children using different skills in play therapy, behavior modification, learning to communicate effectively and honestly. I do my best to help all my clients feel comfortable so you are able to enjoy the counseling atmosphere I have to provide. I help parents with discipline education, behavior modification, advocating for your child, encouraging positive, honest and open communication, and establish routine/structured environment. I work with couples in fair fighting, relationship conflict resolution, and positive communication.

I treat each client individually, because each person that walks in my door is seeing me for a different reason and looking for a different solution. I enjoy collaborating and engaging clients in their goals and counseling process.

I want to help clients be their own advocate and educate themselves in their emotional and mental health needs.



  • Years in Practice: 6 years

  • School: Liberty University

  • Year Graduated: 2010

  • Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy

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My approach to therapy is best described with this analogy: We are on a road trip, you are driving, and I have the map. There are many routes we can take to reach our destination and we will work together to determine which route is best for your journey. The most important aspect of therapy is feeling comfortable and safe with the therapist you have chosen to work with. I feel honored to work with each and every person whose bravery brings them to my office.

My focus begins with examining the roots of a person’s history, their attachments, trauma experiences, and behavioral patterns that impact their ability to live their best life. When we understand our past - what made us who we are - we gain the personal power to make the best of our present and future.

Using a holistic framework, I creatively blend expertise in trauma recovery, attachment, and mind-body therapies into my work with clients. I offer EMDR Therapy, mindfulness, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior (TF-CBT), sandtray, play therapy, and strengths-based therapy.



  • Years in Practice: 6 Years

  • School: University of Southern California

  • Year Graduated: 2013

  • Licenses pending, Texas and California

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